Our Vision

At Bethesda General Insurance we have been thinking deeply about two words that sound similar, but are truly different: “insure” and “ensure.”

Woman and child working together

For over 50 years we have been committed to helping “insure” our community…

in·sure [in-shoor, -shur]

  1. to guarantee against loss or harm.
  2. to secure indemnity to or on, in case of loss, damage, or death.
  3. to issue or procure an insurance policy.

Now we are also committed to helping “ensure” our community…

en·sure [en-shoor, -shur]

  1. to secure or guarantee.
  2. to make sure or certain.
  3. to make secure or safe, as from harm.

The difference in spelling is one simple letter. The difference in meaning is profound.

We are now dedicated to using our deep network of local resources to help “ensure” our customers think beyond “insurance.” As responsible members of the community, we all need to take care of business; to be able to pay for and to insure our homes and families. Beyond that, Bethesda General Insurance recognizes that we must all plan to ensure our family’s future, remain in our homes with the highest quality of life for as long as we wish, and to retire with dignity and the best health care support.

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