Personal Umbrella

What happens if the settlement following an accident far exceeds your insurance coverage?  Although high six-figure awards are still uncommon except in corporate lawsuits, they can happen. Personal catastrophe and liability coverage — otherwise known as personal umbrella coverage — is your answer.  Here at Bethesda General Insurance Agency in Silver Spring, Maryland, we want to be sure you have that extra protection and avoid such devastating loss.

An umbrella insurance policy offers personal catastrophe liability coverage that extends your financial protection beyond your homeowners, renters, condo and auto coverage.

The amount of additional coverage is most commonly one million dollars, and some insurance companies offer higher amounts.

Personal catastrophe liability coverage protects you, your covered family members and your household pets against damages to another person or their property or belongings on your premises or anywhere in the world.

Although claims above what a home or auto policy can provide are still uncommon, a single loss of this type can alter your future.  With an umbrella liability insurance policy, your risk is in the severity of a claim, not the frequency.

This is a relatively inexpensive type of coverage, so why take the risk?  The experienced representatives at Bethesda General Insurance Agency can take care of the details.  So contact us to get the protection you need today.


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