Group Life Insurance

In this economy, employee benefits can be a more important tool than ever for a business owner.   Workers are concerned about making ends meet and at the same time protecting their financial future.  Offering group life insurance to your employees and their dependents can help attract and retain good people.  Here at Bethesda General Insurance Agency in Silver Spring, Maryland, we can help you establish a program that fits your company’s needs.

Group life insurance is an employer-sponsored program for you, your employees and (optionally) their dependents.

Typically, if the program is wholly sponsored, the type of coverage will be term life insurance for which your company may pay 100% of the premium.

Group life insurance can be structured in many ways, perhaps taking the form of a voluntary insurance program for your employees who pay their premiums using a payroll deduction system that you administer.  In this type of program, it is possible to offer whole life insurance as opposed to term life insurance.

Why not speak to our representatives at Bethesda General Insurance Agency today and explore all the group life insurance options available for your business?  Contact us for the details to get started. 

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